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"Your Mess is Mine"

"The Cumpanion is a well made product that will keep you from looking for random absorbent materials to prevent a mess and clean up after a standard self love session or a night full of passion..." Read more

Husband's Passion


Product Spotlight

"Liam and I typically clean up using an ordinary bath towel. Over time, our towels lose their softness and now feel somewhat scratchy. Clean-up isn’t very fun when using something abrasive on your naughty bits." Read more

Couples Playthings


Cumpanion Review

"I didn't think I would really fall in love with this Cumpanion Towel or anything because it seems so frivolous, like something I'd silently judge someone for having. But after experiencing the convenience as well as the pure softness of this towel, I just can't deny its usefulness!" Read more

Cara Sutra