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Cuddle Bean Aftercare Towel

Cuddle Bean Aftercare Towel

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The Cuddle Bean is small enough to toss in an overnight bag for those quick little getaways with your partner. The opulent microfiber material will gently whisk away the necessary clean up that comes from those hot encounters.

At a scale smaller than its big sister, the Cumpanion, the Cuddle Bean is a perfect option for travel, your partner's cleanup, or your own alone time!

Appearance: Cuddle Bean is small in size (8" x 13"), elliptical in shape and made of the same opulent microfiber and trimming as the Cumpanion. Although similar in size to a washcloth, the Cuddle Bean is not to be overlooked for your aftercare needs.

Wash: Simply toss in the hamper or washing machine with the rest of your laundry.