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Cumpanion Aftercare Towel


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Cumpanion Aftercare Towel
Cumpanion Aftercare Towel
Cumpanion Aftercare Towel
Bisexual trimmed Gray Cumpanion with white background

Slip a Cumpanion sex towel under your partner's hips before sex to protect a surface and add comfort or simply reach for a Cumpanion after sex to gently provide clean-up and thoughtful aftercare for your partner. 


Appearance: Medium in size (24” by 15”), elliptical in shape, made of plush microfiber material, and trimmed in satin. Our Cumpanion is about the size of your bathroom hand towel. 

Special Feature: A reversible pocket on our Sleek Gray Cumpanions allows you to flip the pocket inside out, clean, and flip it back to keep the towel’s exterior fluid-free. Plus, the pocket may be used to store your favorite vibrator, cock ring, or toy!

Wash:  Machine wash microfiber in warm water (do not exceed 105°F or 40°C) with detergent only. Tumble them dry on low heat or no heat.

Caution: avoid fabric softeners; microfiber absorbs the softener agents and compromises the towel's absorbency over time. 

Note: our Pride and Bisexual Cumpanion towels DO NOT contain the signature Cumpanion pocket.  

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