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Original Cumpanion Sex Towel

Original Cumpanion Sex Towel

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Function: A luxury aftercare alternative to using a towel/shirt/tissue or making the waddle to the bathroom, Cumpanion is designed to clean up bodily fluids from masturbation or steamy sex sessions with your partner. Large enough to slip under your body, but small enough to fit in a bedside drawer, Cumpanion is the sexy answer to the "what now" after sex.

Appearance: Medium in size (24” by 15”), elliptical in shape, made of plush microfiber material, and trimmed in satin, Cumpanion offers a gentle experience for your most intimate pleasure. A reversible pocket allows you to flip the pocket inside out, clean, and flip it back to keep the towel’s exterior fluid-free. Additionally, the pocket may be used to store your favorite vibrator, cock ring, or toy.

Wash: You might be under the impression that Cumpanion is just another towel. You would be correct, in that after the last sigh of pleasure, you simply toss your Cumpanion in the hamper or washing machine with the rest of your laundry. However, unlike regular bath towels, Cumpanion remains soft and luxurious wash after wash.

Caution: Stay away from fabric softeners though; it tends to absorb into the microfiber and reduce absorbency over time.