Our Story

What is a good friendship without sharing thoughts, debating, laughing, and holding long conversations over just about every known topic?

It was just such an evening when one of our team members was sharing with Mr. and I about a move he and a friend had helped with… during which they had discovered wadded up crusty rags under the master bed. This sparked a lively conversation bemoaning the lack of sex clean-up products on the market. Sure, you can reach for the shirt on the floor or get up for toilet paper...and regular towels and washcloths eventually become more of an abrasive experience - not exactly sensual or soft. Unknown to us then, that evening would set us on the path towards AnnaRae and spark the idea for Cumpanion, our first pleasure product.

Ideas turned into action when we ordered fabric and began experimenting with various types of cotton and microfiber materials.  Lots of searching. Lots of experimenting. It was hard work, but somebody had to do it. And we wouldn’t stop until we found a fabric that provided the necessary absorbency, yet felt luxurious.

What began as a humorous idea among friends has blossomed into a woman-owned business, with products made in the US, and a passion to bring quality aftercare products to the pleasure industry. Our team has grown, our vision has expanded, and we know none of this would be possible without the love and support of our customers, friends, and online community.

Sincerely, Anna B.