Our Story


AnnaRae, crafts beautiful handmade sex clean-up towels. As a sex-positive, woman-owned business, with products made in the USA, we have a passion to bring quality sex clean-up and aftercare products to the pleasure industry.

Over Christmas in 2015, a close friend was sharing with us about a move he had helped with… during which they had discovered wadded up crusty rags under the master bed. This sparked a lively conversation bemoaning the lack of sex clean-up products on the market. Sure, you can reach for the shirt on the floor or grab tissues from the bedside table...and regular towels and washcloths eventually become more of an abrasive experience - not exactly sensual or soft.

This was the spark that set us on the path towards AnnaRae and the idea for products that offered a gentle experience, were simple to use and cleaned effectively. We took action in the spring of 2016 by ordering fabric and experimenting with various types of cotton and microfiber materials. By August 2016, we had the framework for the AnnaRae business and our first product. Our company, AnnaRae was officially launched in February 2017, with our flagship product, Cumpanion towel. By Fall of 2017, we released the Cuddle Bean, our smaller, washcloth size towel. Just this November 2018, we released our first waterproof towel, SplashPad. At 4’x3’ no one has to sleep in the wet spot anymore!

What began as a humorous idea among friends blossomed into a woman-owned business, with products made right here in Texas, and a passion to bring quality aftercare products to the pleasure industry.

Anna B.

Founder & Owner