Our Story


I’ve been married to my High School sweetheart for 12 years, and we kept special monogrammed, cotton hand towels on hand for clean up after sex. In December of 2015, friends shared their experience of helping with a move and discovering wads of rags and Kleenex under the master bed. We lamented the lack of quality clean up products on the market. The more we discussed the problem, the more we realized, why not create something ourselves?   

After months of research, dozens of material swatches, and countless venti cups of Chai Tea Latte, I launched my store, AnnaRae, in February 2017, with our flagship product, Cumpanion towel. By Fall of 2017, we released the Cuddle Bean, our second, smaller towel. AnnaRae is part of my life, my fascination, and my joy. I must give praise to my AnnaRae team; we are a fun-loving, sexy bunch over at AnnaRae; they share my enthusiasm, collaborate on ideas, and through this business, we’ve become our own unique family.

What began as a humorous idea among friends blossomed into a woman-owned business, with products made right here in Texas, and a passion to bring quality aftercare products to the pleasure industry.

Anna B.

Founder & Owner