Our Story


I love sex. The passion, the comfort and intimacy, the kinky and the naughty. This zeal is funneled and reignited everyday in my business, AnnaRae. Thousands of products promise to satisfy our deepest, sexual desires. Yet, one aspect is missing; a need we all have after sex and masturbation. In the afterglow we catch our breath, enjoying the last tremors of our passion. I’ve seen it, I’ve done it. “Shit…” I whisper to myself as my eyes fly open, keenly realizing the mess and cleanup required. We scramble for the bedside tissue box, the crumpled shirt, or *ahem* attempt to waddle to the bathroom. 

AnnaRae provides luxury sex clean up towels and waterproof sex pads. No more sleeping in the wet spot after sex, using a sock or rag after masturbation. We encourage and promote a sex-positive world. With this mindset, we strive to make a difference after sex. Our towels are the soft and effortless solution to clean up because what you reach for in the afterglow should be simple and sensual. 

So how does one start a sex towel company? The first time I had sex, I was mortified with the wet spot in the bed and all the fluid running down my leg. I thought it would all be absorbed or something, but there it was. It didn’t leave me feeling super sexy. Over the years, we tried a range of solutions from kleenex, hospital pads, eventually settling on blue, cotton hand towels, custom monogrammed to make them special.

In 2015, some good friends were helping people with a move and discovered nasty, used rags and tissues under the master bed. Over drinks, we started a conversation about what each of us use, and questioning, “Why isn’t there a specific option?” Our research turned up little in the way of quality solutions; gag type gifts, often with CUM RAG or VAG RAG emblazoned across front. 

The more we discussed the “problem,” and lack of solution, the more we realized, why not create something ourselves? We spend hundreds of dollars on toys and lubes, but nothing on clean up or protecting our mattress. Ideas began to flow and take shape. We ordered a range of material samples to see if we could find a material that would be absorbent, unique to sexual needs, and sensual to the touch. We found microfiber to be more absorbent, longer lasting, and softer than many of the cotton materials on the market. We had the name, Cumpanion, chosen for our product, but nothing further happened for about a year. 

2016 was a rough year, and I got to a point in my job and personal life where I needed to give myself a pep talk. “You’re passionate about sex, you have a catchy product name, the right material, you’ve a sound mind for business and photography...it’s time to take the leap and actually be the CEO my parents hoped I would marry. Time to be the author of your own story and stop living and being who others tell you to be.” I realized I wanted my daughter to see the strength of her potential and take pride in being a woman. I realized I wanted to be the sex-positive example I never saw growing up.

My goals from the beginning have been to provide towels/products that make clean up simple, utterly pleasurable, and effective. No matter the play. I want to create products that open conversations about clean up and the importance of all types of aftercare. Aftercare, even when not in a BDSM scene, should ensure that everyone feels safe and cared for after intimacy. This has been a key reason AnnaRae products have been designed so soft and gentle. 

Many might not think about needing an aftercare towel when masturbating but it’s important to me. There are so many companies working to create products to tell us how special and beautiful we all are. I want people to experience those same feelings in the height of their most sensitive and personal moments. Aftercare is crucial in any type of play.

AnnaRae just celebrated it’s fourth year in business this February! We offer four luxury products in a wide range of beautiful colors and functions, all lovingly hand-made by me. Our waterproof pads, Aramoure and Maximoure, range from 3’ to 5’ of lightweight, reversible, waterproof material. Our flagship product, Cumpanion, is our plush, microfiber, hand towel-sized option for slipping under your hips, or for larger clean up. The PlayMate is our smallest, washcloth size microfiber towel popular for individual clean up and masturbation. All of our current towels are elliptical in shape; when placed with the widest part under the hips, they extend the optimal distance in all directions. Squirters will know how crucial this is. Plus…”O” stands for Orgasm, right?

I am quite active on social media platforms, @thecumpanion on both Instagram and Twitter. Please reach out - I'd love to hear from you!

What began as a personal need for a cleanup product has blossomed into a woman-owned, LGBTQIAP+ positive business. Whatever your kink, check out our luxurious sex towels! 


Founder & Owner