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Rave Reviews!

We are cumpletely tickled and deeply grateful for the reviews from fellow entrepreneurs, bloggers and product reviewers. Be sure to follow the links included to learn more about our friends and other sex products they review.

Cumpanion Sex Towel Review

by Mistress Kay

“The first thing you’ll pick out about this sex towel is exactly how soft it is. The choice of material was one of the number one considerations when By Anna Rae was considering how to bring her sex towel idea to fruition. The towel looks exactly as soft as it appears in the photos…” Read more

Cumpanion Towel by AnnaRae Review

By Pleasure Panel Reviewer: Poison Hyvee

"I didn't think I would really fall in love with this Cumpanion Towel or anything because it seems so frivolous, like something I'd silently judge someone for having. But after experiencing the convenience as well as the pure softness of this towel, I just can't deny its usefulness!" Read more  


Your Mess is Mine from A Husband's Passion

A husband who introduces passion into the bedroom 
"The Cumpanion is a well made product that will keep you from looking for random absorbent materials to prevent a mess and clean up after a standard self love session or a night full of passion in which you explore new boundaries and your bodies react in new ways you’ve never experienced! It feels luxurious to the touch of your skin and your partner may be more willing to help out knowing that there is a towel that wipes up the mess easily, folds into itself, and can be put in the laundry right away."    Read more

Product Spotlight from Couples Playthings

Our primary goal is to support couples by encouraging everyone to be open about their sexuality.
"Robin says: Liam and I typically clean up using an ordinary bath towel. Over time, our towels lose their softness and now feel somewhat scratchy. Clean-up isn’t very fun when using something abrasive on your naughty bits. That’s where the Cumpanion excels. When we took the towel out of its package, I couldn’t stop petting it! The plush microfiber is extremely soft and feels soooo good against my skin.

I’m a pretty lucky girl in the fact that I have some really intense squirting orgasms. Unfortunately, in most cases, it creates a huge mess for me. With the Cumpanion Towel, I don’t have to worry anymore. I simply lay on top of the towel and it does an amazing job of soaking up all the fluids."    Read more

Product Review from Emmeline Peaches Reviews

"Overall, though, I am incredibly impressed by the Cumpanion Towel and do consider it to be one of the only viable reuseable post-sex clean-up items currently on the market.

It fills every role it needs to, and more, in its quest to make sex cleaner and more convenient and could be an absolute godsend for anyone with very sensitive skin or those who usually find themselves sneaking around shared accommodation with cum-stained fabrics.

I highly recommend you nab yourself one right now as this handy product is well worth investing in."   Read More