Rave Reviews!

We are cumpletely tickled and deeply grateful for the reviews from fellow entrepreneurs, bloggers and product reviewers. Be sure to follow the links included to learn more about our friends and other sex products they review.

Luxury Aftercare Product Review

by Em

“Having the Cumpanion available post-sex feels intelligent and mature, rather than the scrambled afterthought of 'what am I going to use to clean myself up with?'" Read more

Cumpanion Sex Towel Review

by Mistress Kay

“The first thing you’ll pick out about this sex towel is exactly how soft it is. The choice of material was one of the number one considerations when By Anna Rae was considering how to bring her sex towel idea to fruition. The towel looks exactly as soft as it appears in the photos…” Read more

Cumpanion Towel by AnnaRae Review

By Pleasure Panel Reviewer: Poison Hyvee

"I didn't think I would really fall in love with this Cumpanion Towel or anything because it seems so frivolous, like something I'd silently judge someone for having. But after experiencing the convenience as well as the pure softness of this towel, I just can't deny its usefulness!" Read more