Reading Erotica


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Reading Erotica
Reading Erotica
Reading Erotica
Reading Erotica
Reading Erotica

Now offering a fantastic erotic novel for your pleasure!

"Sometimes you meet someone that opens your eyes to a whole new way of thinking. Including how you see yourself."

The summer has come to an end and ushered in the new school year. For Mackenzie Wyngarde, this means heading back to the job she dreamt of having since she was a child. With the crazy demands of her career, a relationship simply isn't in the cards for her. That is until she meets an artist named Ryder Summers. It's not only his artwork that is filled with sexual expression but his entire world, which runs completely asynchronous with the world of a kindergarten teacher.

There's something that draws Mackenzie to Ryder. Like a magnet.

The resulting attraction is one that erupts with molten passion and romance. One that neither can deny.

But can their worlds co-exist without there being immense ramifications?

Purchase a Cumpanion plus a copy of Brush Strokes for dual pleasure!!


About the Author/Artist

Ryan Poteracki has worked everywhere from construction to selling sex toys and pretty much everything in between. His usual outlet for his imagination is found in his paintings, which he has established a style utilizing hand cut stencils and acrylic spray paint. Inspired from his wife's love of reading and the desire to challenge his creativity, Ryan decided to write a novel of his own as a gift to her. BRUSH STROKES is the result of that challenge.


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