All New - SplashPad


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Persian purple and Seafoam green towel with black satin trim
Persian purple and Seafoam green towel with Cumpanion and Cuddle Bean on top.
All New - SplashPad
Midnight black and ruby red towel with black satin trim
Both color variants laid together

Here at last, we offer you our largest Sex Towel,

the SplashPad!

Equipped with gush-proof technology, reversible and measuring a whopping 3’ x 2.5’, our SplashPad maintains the signature AnnaRae softness you’ve come to experience and love. Pair with a Cumpanion or Cuddle Bean Towel to complete your clean up needs.

Lightweight, waterproof, and easily storable, the SplashPad is ideal for protecting any surface you desire to play on. Simply throw in the laundry when you are finished, no fuss and no cold wet spot in the bed!

2X the size of a Cumpanion and 7X the size of a Cuddle Bean yet weighs only 7oz!